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Hi Folks, hope all is well.

It's been a long time since my last posting. Things are almost back to normal, having had to deal with some health issues. I've learned a lot about myself and managed to chase that dark cloud away.

As some of you may know we have recently moved into a cozy townhouse (where there's no need to line up for the washroom anymore!), and for the first time in my life I will have a studio of my own — due to be completed in about a month — where I can work 24/7 on music. In the past, I have never had such a luxury; I played where and whenever I could, and it was always difficult to find time and space to write. You should have seen the gear I used for my first album to get ideas to disc... my daughter's Katy Kleen microphone (complete with sparkles), a digital 4-track recorder, Yamaha plywood top acoustic from a pawn shop, and borrowed Canada 3000 Airline (remember them?) headphones with the foam missing on one ear... I worked with this for years, and with gratitude.

If you are able to share it that would be great. I wrote the song Peace shortly after the shootings last year at the movie theatre in Colorado and the Sikh temple in Wisconsin. I wanted to tell a story that this is not who we are... we are born to be kind. This Saturday, September 21st, is the day of the 2013 Largest Human Peace Sign Attempt and Concert at UBC, presented by the Heartmind Wisdom Authors and Kindness is Key. For a list of performers and more info please go to The concert begins at 12:00pm and the world record attempt at creating the largest human peace sign will be at 2:00pm. Hope you can attend and help spread peace.

I also have a couple of solo gigs coming up, September 27th and 28th at Bistro 72 in Surrey beginning at 7:00pm. Please check or our “shows page” for more info. Also, I have a couple more upcoming shows in October which will soon be announced.

This music business has its ups and downs. Once the new studio is built I am looking forward to new opportunities, and it looks like the creativity bug has begun its crawl once again... thanks for your patience and support.



“ For the first time in a long while, I realized that I was literally listening to — and almost touching — the ‘soul’ of an artist. ”

— Cendrine Marrouat

“ If world-famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh were to share a hookah
with Neil Young, the result would be Indo-Folk-Rock music. ”

“ A-ha, here is a songwriter and a singer who understands
who he is and where he sits in the world. ”

Wyckham Porteous,                                  

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