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Hi Folks, hope all is well.

It's feeling like summer is just around the corner. Weather has broken and them birds are a chirpin. It's also the time when fellow artists start posting festival gigs, so get out there and support your local talent.

The new home practice studio has had a few talented visitors and things are moving along great. I hope to start working on a new solo acoustic album in mid—June. I am going to try posting a new song every month on this site for listening and reviews so please stay tuned. It's been challenging to learn a few new skills with regards to updating websites and shows, but with some help I hope to stay more current. Gotta do something about this one finger typing first.

I have some great new friends who are helping me to move forward and catch up with the time I had lost since my car accident in 2010. Hope to have some more details soon. My car update stands as follows….currently at 1 million and forty thousand kilometers….and still ticking.

If you are able to share it that would be great. I wrote the song Peace shortly after the shootings last year at the movie theatre in Colorado and the Sikh temple in Wisconsin. I wanted to tell a story that this is not who we are... we are born to be kind.

I also have a couple of gigs coming up, May 31st at Pacific Inn Resort Centre in South Surrey, at 6:30 pm. It's brought to you by the lovely folks at Kindness is Key. A free show and with live music, exhibition and wellness fair. A solo gig on June 20th and 21st at Bistro 72 in Surrey beginning at 7:00pm. Please check or our “shows page” for more info. Also, I have a couple more upcoming shows in July and August which will soon be announced.

That creativity bug I always mention is in full crawl…thank you always for your support.



“ If world-famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh were to share a hookah
with Neil Young, the result would be Indo-Folk-Rock music. ”

“ A-ha, here is a songwriter and a singer who understands
who he is and where he sits in the world. ”

Wyckham Porteous,                                  

“ For the first time in a long while, I realized that I was literally listening to — and almost touching — the ‘soul’ of an artist. ”

— Cendrine Marrouat

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